PODC Updates

SIOP PODC Working Groups (WG) have been active this winter. Several groups hold monthly meetings on www.cure4kids.org including the abandonment of treatment WG, the Twinning, Collaboration and Support WG, the Supportive Care WG, the Palliative care WG while other groups including SIOP PODC have quarterly meetings. Some of the activities this winter have included:


Supporting Care

The Supportive Care WG, led by co-chairs Muhammad Saghir Khan and Paola Angelini, are holding monthly online meetings (1 hour) on relevant topics. The January meeting topic was Nursing’s Role in Supportive Care in LMIC and was attended by more than 15 nurses and physicians from high-, medium-, low-income countries. In February the topic was Communication Issues in Paediatric Oncology and in March it was Febrile Neutropenia.


Essential Medicines WG

SIOP PODC Essential Medicines WG, led by Edith Grynszpancholc and Avram Denburg,recently had a brainstorming meeting on drug quality in LMIC with a special focus on L-Asparaginase.


Global Task Force on Hospital Detention Practices

SIOP PODC now has a Global Task Force on Hospital Detention Practices to advocate for awareness and solutions to end hospital detention practices, where patients are kept in hospital due to inability to pay.


New PODC Members

SIOP PODC welcomes new members to all 10 Working Groups – see the list.

We encourage all new members to become members of SIOP as well to ensure that SIOP PODC reflects the larger SIOP community’s priorities and initiatives.


Sincerely yours,
Julia Challinor and Ramandeep Arora
PODC Co-Chairs