The current SIOP Executive Board elaborated several objectives and goals for its 3 year mandate. The rational and specific actions are outlined in the so called document “Objectives and Goals 2014-2016”, which is accessible to SIOP Members only in the Members Zone of this website.


Developmental Goals

  • To advocate globally for children with cancer and their families
  • To promote the participation of young professionals in SIOP activities and to encourage them to become members
  • To improve SIOP’s visibility and to improve internal and external communications
  • To focus attention on future research needs in pediatric oncology
  • To explore possible partnerships with sister societies sharing the same mission and vision, and elaborating a common agenda
  • To increase the SIOP membership to have a vibrant society which understands and fulfils the needs of its members

Internal Actions

  • To refine the present structure of SIOP
  • To write the SIOP Standard Operative Procedure (SOPs)
  • To acquire an electronic repository of all the pertinent documents produced by SIOP for easy access
  • To develop “the policy registry”
  • To define the present SIOP policy for investing and spending money
  • To develop standardized and summarized reports of the Annual Meeting
  • To describe the procedures and responsibilities of the local organising committee and the PCO (Kenes) in order to organize and conduct the Annual Meetings
  • To prepare a three-year report regarding the relationship between SIOP and the present PCO