SIOP 2014 Schweisguth Winner Jocelyn Charlton (second from left)


This prize is awarded to the author of the best scientific article by a trainee in the field of paedatric oncology. The prize is given in honour of Dr. O. Schweisguth, founding member and first President of SIOP.

Judgement of the prize will be based on the written article describing work done by the trainee and will consider originality, completeness, scientific accuracy and contribution to science. Applicants must have been in training when the work described in the article was performed, and must still be in the training period or not more than one year thereafter at the time of submission.

The prize consists of travelling expenses (return economy air fare between the winner’s professional home city and the meeting venue), together with hotel costs and registration fees for the SIOP Congress.

The winner will present his/her work at the time of the SIOP Congress and will be printed in a booklet for distribution.


The prize will consist of travelling expenses, (return economy air fare between the winner’s professional home city and the meeting venue) together with coverage of three nights’ hotel costs and complementary registration fees for the meeting. It is expected that the winner will present his or her work at the time of the SIOP Congress. The winning article will be printed and distributed to all participants during the conference. It will not be published in the Abstract Book. The article will be of such quality as to be considered favourably by the editorial board of the SIOP journal “Pediatric Blood and Cancer” (PBC). It is further understood that the winning article may have co-authors, but that the first author must be the trainee who is awarded the Schweisguth Prize. The manuscript should be accompanied by a letter stating the contribution of each co-author. It is further understood that all entries must be sponsored by the trainee’s head of department certifying that the work reported is by the trainee him/herself and that the entrant is a trainee in good standing. The head of department does not have to be a member of SIOP. The title and authors of the paper selected for presentation at the annual conference will be printed in the meeting programme. The International Society of Paediatric Oncology will provide time during the annual meeting for the presentation of the winning paper. The time allowed will be decided by the Scientific Programme Committee.


Applications for 2015 are closed.

2016 applications will be open early January 2016 and more information will be available on this website.

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